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If My Life Were a Journal, What Would I Call It?
Dear Everett, Laura, Charlie, Asshat 
8th-Mar-2007 01:34 am
I think often, and talk sometimes, about how you don't love me anymore.

Too melodramatic a beginning? I sure do apologize.

I gave each of you a unique piece of me (VERY unique), and what I received was rejection. Thank you very much, and fuck you very much, and I hope you know that I listen to the special songs I associate with each of you and think of you at night, and try to avoid thoughts of you during the daytime, and generally hurt when the subject of "best friends" comes up, because what do I have but memories of people who said they loved me, and then proceeded to stab and/or just abandon me? Best friends are fallacies. That's what you've taught me. Congrats, and go fuck yourselves. I hate how much you've hurt me.
10th-Mar-2007 01:10 am (UTC)

I'M STILL HERE! SO IS NORA! You should hang out with me more. Really.
12th-Mar-2007 05:05 pm (UTC) - What Passionate Drama...Take it to a theatre, I'm not interested
Um, wow. There are times people's behavior baffles me, and this is one. What possible reason would you have to dwell on people who supposedly hurt you so, so terribly? Or to go out of your way and take your time to write something generally whiny and dramatic for all of them to read (especially months after conversation with them has ceased)? Before this, I just assumed you were annoyed and frustrated, and honestly I didn't hold it against you. But geez, catapult us back to middle school why don't you?

And that's just it, isn't it? Melodrama abounds in your little world, doesn't it, because that's all you have, your oh-so-emo drama. Poor, poor you, your friends abandoned you. I'm so sorry your life is so hard. Go whine about it some more, I'm sure that'll help. Man, grow up.

You wanted my friendship and I abandoned you? No, you wanted the idea of me as unattainable...when you had me, you wanted your road trip and all those other people you were interested in spending time with, and eventually you'd get out to where I was. Did I complain, was I bothered? No, having more than one friend is exactly how things should be...but your problem with me was that I was spending too much of my attention on my "new life" and my other friends, at a time when their whole world (one which I was so much a part of that it affected me in major ways as well) was in complete upheaval? Talk about double standards. Fucking people born to privilege think everything should be about them. Oh, but I forget, you're not privileged, you've suffered so at the hands of other people. Bullshit, you just like to blame your inability to make yourself happy on other people, because it means you never have to take responsibility for fixing the problem. Take a look at your ever-lengthening list of people who's "fault" it is that you're not happy...you know what they all have in common? YOU. Why don't you try learning to make yourself happy and quit blaming your problems on other people. While I'm no expert on healthy relationships, I imagine you'll probably get a lot further in friendships that way.

I'm not typically the type to remove someone from my friends-list when we stop talking, because I hate the idea that it's some kind of punishment or retribution, and I assume we're all adults and can avoid any ridiculous "flame" type commentary. Clearly, that's not the case here. So let me make it clear that the reason I'm doing it now, is because I have no interest in listening to someone whine about how other people have just ruined their happiness.
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